Welcome in my e-cooking book
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Ohh no, I don't know what to eat :)
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Welcome in my simple cooking book.
This webaplication is still alfa because it is not finished but it is possible to use the most important function such as:
-> Checking recipes including details of meals
-> It is possible to add meals and integrants into database
-> Editing recipes
-> Every recipe can have a picture(in future releases it will be possible to add few picture to one meal)
-> There are two main features. Menu - it displays just a list of avaible meals and 'Check fridge' - allows to manage all recipes and activating or deatctivating meal on Menu.

There are, bugs on GUI and APP. I know about them and they will be fixed. At this moment the most important is to add new features.

I started developing this cooking book when I started cooking. I could keep recipes on paper but as a programmer I decided to hold recipes in database.